July 11th, 2007 by admin

Im sitting here in a coffee shop in eastern Washington (the middle of nowhere) just so I could e-mail some stuff to Tony Smith and fill you all in on what exactly is going on in this part of the nation. Randall Harris, Ben Greenwood and Myself are filming with Sean Kilgus for his next film titled "Drive." This is actually my first time on a real trip with these guys, and it's looking like the week ahead of us will be filled with plenty of good times, campfire stories (we're camping at the lake), plus some seriously insane riding. This morning Randy threw down back to back front mobes and a heelside wrapped indy 720 far past the second wake. Ben was pokin' and tweakin' (his tricks) and so on…Riding with these guys is seriously motivating as well as incredibly intimidating, but sometimes you need a good slap in the face to take your riding to the next level. We're all stoked to be here riding and filming, and just to let you know alliance will be doing an editorial piece on the trip for a future issue. In the meantime you can check out some images at:www.wakeboardnorthwest.com. Enjoy…

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