May 22nd, 2013 by alliance

It’s finally here. The Shredtown trailer we have all been waiting for, Drop the Gun. Look for the full length film to hit in a few months. Enjoy!

36 Responses to “Drop The Gun Teaser”

  1. OTT Says:

    Siiiiiiiiiick!!! Can’t wait!! I think I saw some OR spots in that bad boy!! ;-). Awesome work guys!!! Thanks again for making Wakeboarding fun again.

  3. login Says:

    Oh my. Shredtown is the best.

  4. Jean Says:

    These guys are NUTS! Awesome video!

  5. dmnd Says:

    Dude that’s what i’m talking about. I just got slapped in the face with FUN.

  6. Derek McSteeze Says:


  7. marc Besner Says:

    sick video

  8. Nice Says:

    Credit where credit is due. Forget fun, that’s just gnarly. Those guys are crazy.

  9. dudeman Says:

    Wow, and thats just the teaser!? Cant wait to see what else they have in store for us.

  10. Joe J Says:

    These guys never fail to impress. Saw some bama spots!!!

  11. Tyler G Says:

    Yeah Dudes!!! Reppin TX straight up! Killin it

  12. Vin Says:

    This’ll be great! Shredtown always comes up with some of the most creative features

  13. Lidberg Says:

    First group “Rail Rider” OTY award? They have my vote!

  14. Roy Says:

    Yeah! So sick, creative and everything wakeboarding is about! Stoked to see the vid! But I would like to see a helmet in some set ups.. Mostly as a message to our less skilled youngsters learning to shred..

  15. chad Says:

    Lidberg, more like group Rider of the year award…

  16. Golden mean Says:

    If they just put up a disclaimer like “we are pro’s, beginners should wear helmets” it’s fine by me. Great stuff tho indeed all that wakeboarding is about.

  18. Ian Says:

    Hell yesss!!! this had better come out just before surf expo! this need to get video of the year and maybe more! insaaaaaane creativity goin on in there!

  19. FlipDSK Says:

    The shit

  20. Bob Soven Says:

    I’m fanning out on this, can’t wait for the full length!

  21. Mark Griffin Says:

    So good!

  22. pat Says:

    damn, grindin’ HARD AS A MOTHAFUCKA

  23. Anthony Coté Says:

    So creative,glad to see the sport growing

  24. Carnie Says:

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit yeah boys! This’ll be ESSENTIAL viewing, so dope.

  25. Joel in Tyler Says:

    Putting the tripple xxx in Texxxas!!!! This proves that the scene in orlando is a real bleached a-hole vibe! Been skating and eating bean burritos for 25 years, and as a scumbag, I need this more of this vibe in wakeboarding. I hope this makes parents hate wakeboarding!! Really, I am sick of soft jams and sunsets!!! This is a boardsport not soccer camp! Give me Blood and Thunder!!!!!

  26. Steve Says:

    slingshot crew destroying yet again

  27. Benj Trogdon Says:

    Shredtown is restoring my faith in wakeboarding. @Joel in Tyler…. You couldn’t have said it better. I agree with you 100%.

  28. Ride Lab Says:

    WOW This might be the first video on the site that no one has shit talked on. Shredtown is breaking all kinds of barriers!

  29. steveP Says:

    that’s gnarly… but how do you make a “full length” video with only 3 dudes? if it’s only 20min long like lip smack i’ll have to wait 2 weeks and watch it here for freeeeee!

  30. pat Says:

    ^dont hate on lipsmack -.-

  31. pat Says:

    p.s. buy lipsmack and realize your true love for everything SLINGSHOT

  32. yolo Says:

    steveP… im pretty sure their full length will never be anywhere for free… im sure they are going to have a friends section and some other sick ideas

  33. Bryan Says:

    So Gnar… Shred Town 4life

  34. Chyeah Says:

    Seriously, I’ve never been more excited to show someone what wake has become. Shredtown!

  35. FlashG Says:

    The rise of #wenchboarding

  36. polo Says:

    Next diffusion at FISE !!!


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