April 9th, 2012 by Patrick Wieland

You didnt think we were going to stop at 10 weeks did you? I tagged along for a little set with Rusty Malinoski while he was shooting some photos recently. Heres a couple of sick clips, Rusty is killing it right now.

10 Responses to “Dub Monday #11: Rusty Malinoski”

  1. Garrett West Says:

    it should be “Metal Mondays” this dubstep shit has got to go!

  2. Jeff Seidenstricker Says:

    Agreed. Love the weekly installments though, keep it up.

  3. Tommy Says:

    Rusty is a great rider and a great guy off the water as well. Stoked for him this year!

  4. Tyson R. Geninatti Says:

    metal mondays would help jumpstart the mondays!

  5. Patrick Karls Says:

    bassnectar is where its at..but ii felt like i saw the same tricks like 4 times over…

  6. Patrick Karls Says:

    f*ck it..the riding was insane

  7. lassy Says:

    big guy making it look good

  8. John Says:

    I think that what I like about Rusty most is that he is always improving. Probably seen a hundred videos of him doing indy back 180s, but that’s the first time i’ve seen him poke it that way (at :16). It’s certainly the customary tweak most riders make, but I’ve never seen him do it quite that way. It’s probably easy to get complacent at that level and keep doing the same thing the same way over and over, but that guy has the hunger. You can’t buy that. You either have it or you dont. He has it and should be commended for it. That guy is good for wakeboarding. Period.

  9. Steve Says:

    The sickest!

  10. LF for Life Says:

    Rusty crushes it, but aren’t these comment boards supposed to be used for creating conversation about the video…….and not promoting your business? Good to see they are being used properly.


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