I was thinking about this yesterday morning. Wakeboarding is really just one big crazy insane dude-fest. Seriously. Yesterday morning I went out to film with Ben GReennwood and Sean Kilgus in Clermont (at Danny Harf's pad actually. Yeah I know, I couldn't believe it either, the x games superstar). Anyways, A guy named ABBa came out to take photos and he got a 10 out of 10 in my book for smoking a cigar with his morning coffee (8 AM). We shredded a tube set each and then I did a gangster shoot wearing my hooded sweatshirt because it was a bit nippie out. I tried to teach Ben how to do a tube start which is where you sit on the tube with the photohgrapher, the boat does a fast idle and you hop off at the last second when the boat takes off, hopefully staying dry the whole time. The only thing that got weird was when I got on the tube with my board on and then kilgus jumped on and fell into me. When he fell his beard rubbed on my neck and I totally wigged out. It takes a lot to get me freaked, but a mans beard rubbing on neck was seriously crossing the line. 


When we finished shredding, I had a missed call from Chase Heavener asking me to let his dog out, Sean had a missed call from Chad Sharpe, Ben had a missed call from Trevor Hansen, and then we went up to the house as Rusty and Parks had rolled up to see Danny. Talk about a pro show! I tried to snap a photo of everyone together to show you guys, but I didn't want them to know how excited i was, so I just played it off like these guys were just a bunch of losers trying to get into one of my killer web stories.