Of all the memorable moments on our 8-day journey through Europe that concluded this week, finding out that Vin Diesel was gay is the one that sticks with me. He is, you know. I heard it from somebody on the trip who was from L.A. and it was confirmed by two other scenesters from London AND Miami. It doesn’t get much more credible than that. In fact, our DVS tour of Europe was a traveling parade of scenesters, hipsters, wanna-be’s and already-were’s. In all, an amazing group. We started with Wakestock UK, where Thomas Horrell won the best trick contest in the middle of a rave. And I mean a raving rave — Letch and I even danced to Darube together, and Staker repised his glow stick fetish. Then it was on to Prague for the DVS international sales meeting, where I’m sure the nice people at the Hilton Prague are going to welcome us back with open arms next year. Oh, and my computer and passport got stolen, blah, blah, blah, you already know about that. Here’s a few of the photos that I got while there, there will be plenty more (a lot sexier) when we do the magazine article later this year.