September 5th, 2012 by alliance

Dylan tried everything but he was only good at boarding…. BRO

Dylan tried everything but he was only good at boarding…. BRO

18 Responses to “Dylan Miller The Boarder”

  1. Gould Says:

    nice looken tale late heel fs 3

  2. Party pants Says:

    OMG he’s not wearing a life jacket!!!!

  3. PFD Says:

    No vest is the worst example you can set in wakeboarding

  4. gwest Says:

    no vest and a t shirt homie! theres not enough danger in wake.

  5. hahaha Says:

    Ask a pro skater to wear a helmet in the street …….

  6. I love zeaching Says:

    Dylan grow up wear a vest your such a looooser!

  7. No Life Jackets Fo LYFE Says:


  8. G Says:

    Hes a pro rider. Gro up you rookies

  9. don kking Says:

    So cooooool brooo no vest, im a half ass pro wakeboarder that will never win a comp.

  10. Donkking2 Says:

    Don kking your so right he’ll never win a pro comp… there goes his career…

  11. Betty Says:

    RIP to all who have died due to no flotation

  12. Betty Says:

    that toe off axis 7 was soo 2001

  13. Boos Says:

    that toe off axis 7 was soo 2001

  14. clint esmond Says:

    i haven’t even watched this video yet, and i don’t know if y’all are just talking shit because the site won’t let you log into Facebook and won’t show who you really are right now, but you’re all a bunch of faggots. who gives a shit if he’s wearing a jacket or not. stop checking out dudes and and comment on his riding.

    my names Clint Esmond if you want to Facebook stalk me you creepers

  15. ray Says:

    rebel without a cause, ill tell you that much

  16. Jeremy Sweat Says:

    Clint you are so right. Why is there so many haters in our sport grow the fuck up or go back to blading.

  17. who cares Says:

    wakeboarding with out a vest is like sex without a condom…just feels better ya know

  18. Shmee Says:

    If he wore a vest you wouldn’t be able to see how big his back is. C’mon guys gotta show of those big back assets.


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