You know how when you hear people say, “I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything …”? Well, what if you had a sandwich named after you? Would you say, “I don’t want to eat my own sandwich or anything, but I’m a total bad ass, etc. …”? Brian Grubb could say this if he wanted to, because he actually does have a sandwich named after him at an Orlando sub shop. The place has an alien theme, so Grubb’s sandwich is named the Spacestation Grubbstarr (extremely tasty, by the way, grilled chicken and swiss with pinapple-mango mayo.) Of course, B.G. would never say any such thing because he’s as humble as they come, but it’s a nice to have that one on the back burner if he needs it.

Staker and I met up with Grubb, Scott Byerly, Brandon Thomas and George Daniels for lunch today and then went to Grubb’s house to film some interviews for this season’s new episodes of Pull. The best part about it was listening to George Daniels describe what a winch was, I really hope that makes it to the show. I can tell you he used the words “lawnmower,” “chamber” and “chassis.”

B.T. and Scott are leaving later in the week for a trip to Hong Kong with Reef. Byerly is pumped, but added that out of everywhere, “I like to be in the good old U.S. of A.” Stakes broke off a monster bass while he was watching Scott ride, who, by the way, looks to be totally recovered from his knee injury now and giving the youngsters something to chew on just in case they think they’re going to try to eat his sandwich.