The town of Salem, OR has been a wakeskate hot spot the past week or so. Following Toe Jam, riders such as David Hanson, Steve Campbell, Ben Horan, Brandon Rau, Reed Watson and Bret Little have enjoyed the hospitality of Zak Stone and the town of Salem whilst shredding various gaps and ripping the Willamette. What better way to conclude the mission than with a video premier? So on Wednesday evening the crew, as well as other local wakeskate fans gathered at the Big Kahuna in downtown Salem to watch Esoteric and Beans and Rice on the big screen.

 The evening started out with a bang while some townies threw punches at each other, and ended up with a bigger one in the form of a riverside fireworks display at 2 am. But in between the Oregonians were treated to some fine wakeskating in video form, some fine hawaiian food and some Arrogant Bastard Ale (a Northwest staple.)

"It was a fun little premier that Zak put together for us, so big thanks to him ad the Big Kahuna for facilitating," Esoteric filmmaker David Hanson said. "The people of Salem were stoked on it as well and it was sick to have premiers in two opposite corners of the country…Esoteric across America!"