I’ve talked to a lot of wakers in the last two days, here’s the run down: Ben Grrenwood: He’s good. Just driving somewhere to do something. I didn’t get a chance to ask him what because his roomate Aaron Reed rang in on the other line and … Aaron Reed: He’s good. In Texas right now visiting his new girlfriend, riding at the TSR and then out to CA next week for the premiere of Innuendo at the La Paloma in Encinitas. I was going to talk to him more but then the other line rang and … Danny Hampson: Got his neck brace off and is doing really … well. He’s just ready to get back out and become one with the water again. Doctor just needs to give him the go ahead. He’s also getting ready to move to … Orlando: Everything’s good here. A little rainy, but then it clears up and the lakes are nice. I went wakeskating with Bri Chmel yesterday. She’s good. Saw Aussie photographer Adam Dodd and he is finishing up the American leg of video shoots for his new movie. He is staying at Cobe’s house, but Cobe isn’t there right now, only his roomate Kathy Williams. She was good, on her way over to Dallas Friday’s house to wakeboard when I showed up. Then Daniel Watkins walked in and he was tired from his flight back from Japan. He only had two days to shoot for Dodd’s video though, so he had to get over it. Finally — Parks Bonifay bought a house and is going to be moving to Clermont, right down the street from good friend Danny Harf, in about two weeks. I am conveniently going to be out of town when he is moving. Good.