April 11th, 2007 by admin

As Brooke Geery said the other day, we all get to go to some pretty cool places. I'm in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba right now, with Matt Staker, Andrew Adkison, Jack Blodgett, Zane Schwenk, Mikey Marsh, Keith Lyman and a few of the folks from MasterCraft. Mikey's brother, Billy, is stationed in the Coast Guard here, and we're just entertaining the troops in some demos. Look for more on that later this week, Matt is going to write the story in Spanish, a first for our publication. 

Orlando must have tumbleweeds blowing through it right now, because we have another team in Tahiti filming tow-ins at Teahupoo, the Nike team is in the Florida Keys, there's a big group of wakeskaters in Texas right now hitting up some interesting gaps and a few other small adventures going on. Basically, the site might be a little sparse this week, but keep your pants on and we're getting ready to bring you some pretty cool stuff from around the world. 

Adios …

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