Dear Community College:

Learning is my top priority in life, which is why I attend your fine institution. However, I am also a professional wakeskater and this profession takes me to such glamorous places as Dallas, Texas, where there are a plethora of winch able gaps. These things are nothing like the spread out, sure-bust spots in Orlando. We’re talking spot after spot perfect for ollies, shuvs, half cabs, three shuvs and even a kickflip or two.

While we were here we hit about six spots and even got to ride at Texas Mastercraft’s private lake.  But unfortunately, there was a slight snag in our plan in the form of some rouge twisters and two days of cold, windy weather. So anyway, I know I said I would be back today, but actually, we are not done yet. In fact, we are heading to Baton Rouge, where another fine wakeskating set up awaits. Oh, and when I get back, there is only the biggest and most important contest of the year, so I am going to miss class on Thursday too.

But like I said, learning is very important and I feel that I will use the skills I am learning in Government, English and Reading for the rest of my life. Wakeskating will probably just destroy my knees. Thank you for your understanding.

Matt Hooker