October 12 , 2007 – Hey friends! last Friday evo launched a new version of our brand and website simultaneously! Here's what evo Ecommerce Manager, Nathan Decker has to say about the changes:

    "Trimming our name from 'Evogear' to 'evo' embodies this latest evolution; much like the baby rhinocerous who must lose his shell in order to grow. In the video below, our founder Bryce Phillips, explains what went into these changes. I hope your experience with evo is greatly enhanced, but then again I guess I would, my job depends on it ; ) If this is your first time visiting evo, be sure to check out our About Us page to learn more about our people and what makes evo tick."
     Thanks again to everyone who has helped us along the road, we wouldn't be here without you! If you've yet to experience the new look and feel please check it out and let us know what you think! Learn more about the New Site Launch!