January 3rd, 2014 by Submitted

The last part of October beginning of November 2013 Chandler Powell and Hunter Hanson were able to make the trek to Republ1c Wakepark over in Nuvali, Philippines for the Wake of Thrones & WWA Wake Park World Series stop four. This is their footage. Enjoy, Excuse Me Sir!

Video from Hunter Hanson

6 Responses to “Excuse Me Sir!”

  1. wakelife Says:

    needless to say that was some zeachtastic box hitting

  2. thishastostop Says:

    two awesome riders making an absolutely shit video. rail hit after rail hit after rail hit. most repetitive video I’ve seen in a long time. two thumbs down. when you have two kids that are so good off kickers and flats tricks and this is the stuff they put out that thinks defines their riding, our sport is going in the wrong direction.

  3. Hunter Hanson Says:

    Thank you for thinking that myself and Chandler are awesome riders and are good off kickers and flats tricks. Sorry that it was only rail hits, its kind of hard to get a good shot of flats and kickers while riding doubles with a GoPro. Maybe I should have titled the video, Excuse Me Sir! Only Rail Hits Sir! my bad :( Also I don’t think that this video defines my riding.

  4. Tripp Lancaster Says:

    Haha Filming flat water tricks with a gopro is just filming straight spray to the face. Everyone knows these guys can shred… it’s ok to just have some fun laps and make it into an edit. Everything isn’t about “defining riding” and impacting the sport.. stop being so dramatic. Rock on.

  5. no Says:

    sorry to burst your bubble but both you too are over rated.

  6. boomsmack Says:

    so repetitive, I got bored halfway through


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