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New to the Wakeboard scene but showing much promise is Brazil’s Brenno Fantin, who set out west to challenge one of the sport’s rising stars, Florida’s Noah Flegel. The duel took place at the infamous Barefoot Ski Ranch in Waco, Texas. Their showdown is flat out funny – good to see that these guys are having fun and not taking themselves too seriously. But they’ve got some serious skills on the cable, so enjoy watching these young guns shredding in the dead of winter out in the wild west. Captured and delivered to you by Fernando Morales of Focus Productions.

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12 Responses to “Face Off – Fantin vs. Flegel”

  1. Adam Silcio Says:

    this was entertaining. enjoyed the message about wearing your helmet. very creative edit

  2. BAM Says:

    pretty cool!

  3. boomsmack Says:

    cool funny edit but I was unimpressed with the riding. same old tricks over all the rails

  4. Justin Says:

    Take this shit off.

  5. Guy who knows Says:

    Noah killed it as normal. Kid shreds on both boat and cable. Brenno… not so much. Watched this kid ride at OWC for the NPC Finals and can say I’m not a fan of him or his dad “team manager” of Mayan cable. Both had a very poor attitude and its sad to see Hyperlite pick him up when there are so many other younger riders out there with much more potential.

  6. Bronco Says:

    Not enough scarecrows

  7. pete Says:

    I hope that its not gonna have a other vid off you.

  8. bluegrass wake Says:

    non-legit grabs

  9. Robert Says:

    The comments are not what I expect I think the video is awesome and Noah and Brenno are riding really good .

  10. Mayan Wake Says:

    Dont be hard with this Kids.
    Brenno has only 10 months Riding,he need to work more on rails…
    he is landing 7s , Crow 5s and switch blind judge now ….
    But its not about how good they are now, its about how good they will be in a in the future ,and if Brenno has only 10 months riding , he will be my pick for sure.
    Dont be jealous OWC Guys!!!!
    enjoy ,wait and you will see.
    Good riding for everybody!!!
    BTW , always is good when somebody take the time to talk about a rider…….

  11. woah Says:

    well this is sad to see brenno getting a board sponsor after 10 months of shred and there are kids who have worked there ass off for a board sponsor and still have yet to get it and they kill it. sorry but not supporting this

  12. Mayan Wake Says:

    “Well” i think its not Sad , If you dont like Brenno , its ok , its your opinion ,But you cant said he has not Talent , you dont know how hard he its training and working .
    He is taking this serious , and just because people you know still waiting for some help , doesn’t mean other people cant not be support .
    Again , its your opinion , but if you want your friends/kids be supported , go and do something for them .
    Because complaining about other people will not help them .

    At the end all support to Young riders its always good.
    Good Riding for all !!!!
    See you in September for the Grand Opening Of MAYAN Cable in CANCUN .
    $ 200k in Prizes !!! be tuned !!!!


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