Every February Southern Californians put down their snowboards and head out to the Carlsbad Lagoon for a day of wakeboarding.  For the third year in a row, Liquid Force has teamed up with Wakesports Unlimited and The Carlsbad Lagoon to put on the February Freezeride.  For all of you people living in parts of the country where it is much colder, I am sure you are laughing at us for calling it a freezeride, but this is what we call it, so deal with it.  This year people came from all over Southern California to demo new Liquid Force product and watch Collin Harrington and local boys Eddie and Jacob Valdez throw down some serious slayshing at the lagoon.  
    Tyler Irwin of Wakesports and Josh Cantor made sure it was as cold as possible by heckling anybody who wore a wetsuit.  After riding, people came back to the beach and warmed up with some of Greasy Greg’s famous chili next to the bonfire.  The day was filled with shakas, high fives, and overall stoke.  Not bad for a day in the middle of February.  Big thanks to Liquid Force, Wakesports Unlimited, and the Carlsbad Lagoon for another successful party.