July 13th, 2010 by garrettcortese

We know you guys just can’t get enough about Brostock 2010, so here’s a little more from the weekend of craziness in Bull Shoals, Arkansas to push your bro-ometer to the limit. As you most likely know the contest portion of Brostock was insane: full of big air, insane tricks, screaming fans, and even some last minute drama to cap things off. But what you might not already know is just how awesome the event and site were as a whole.

Brostock on Bull Shoals was by far the biggest Brostock to date. We met kids who’d driven from as far as Minnesota and west Texas just to come join in on the shenanigans, and Bull Shoals proved to be the perfect host. Unlike in years past, the locals and even the law enforcement officials were stoked to see the Brostock circus roll into town. Athletes and media bros regularly found themselves being shuttled around wherever and whenever needed, the local restaurants expanded their hours to accommodate everybody, and the Eastwold family and their entire crew at Bull Shoals Boat Dock Marina bent over backwards to make everything come together smoothly.

Aside from the town of Bull Shoals, the lake by the same name also happened to be an amazing spot for Brostock. The conditions this year were the best ever for the double up contest and it definitely showed in the level of riding. While Bull Shoals is still somewhat remote, it’s not nearly as remote as Powell, which allowed for LOTS more fans to come. The ring of boats surrounding the cove where the contest was held was almost unbelievable, and from the looks of things nobody was acting terribly stupid or getting hassled much by the water po-po. Everybody just came out to have one hell of a time and enjoy some of the best wakeboarding in the world.

If you’re reading this and starting to feel like you missed out, well you did. So book your calendar next year and save up some vacation time (and get luggage that can hold some board shorts, sunscreen, and your biggest party hat), ’cause if Brostock ’10 is any indication, Brostock ’11 is gonna be even better.

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  1. cindi eastwold Says:

    Thank you to everyone who helped make Brostock 2010 happen on Bull Shoals Lake, We had a blast. Our special Thanks to Jimmy larich for hooking us up with Arron Gray and the Liquid Force team, Arron your hard work and dedications shows. A Big pat on the back to our Bull Shoals Boat Dock Crew your early mornings and late nights helped make this event run smoothly. To our town of Bull Shoals Thank you for opening your arms and showing these riders how much we apperciate them coming your hospitallity was awesome. We couldn’t be prouder of our family sons Kevin and Ryan and our daughter in-law Deena you made this happen by never excepting “no” as an answer Congradulations kids on an amazing job and as far as Steve and I well we love our family,and our “new family” any time any of you are in town you know we have a place for you. COME BACK SOON ……
    Cindi and Steve Eastwold Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock

  2. Adam Fields Says:

    Brostock 2010 was such an amazing time!! If you weren’t there this year, mark it on your calendar for next year!

  3. Christian Cotrone Says:

    haha todd watson under the blow up turtle

  4. OzarkTimes Wakeboarding Says:

    Big round of thanks to Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock crew and Liquid Force for making BROstock 2010 hands down the best wakeboarding event to hit our area. I was so proud to see so many good people pull together for such a great cause. I feel privileged to have been apart.

    Looking forward to more opportunities to show our area about out great sport!

    jc – OTW


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