May 30th, 2005 by admin

Obviously, people are getting a little hot and crazy in Orlando this time of year, as you can see. At first I thought, “A figure-eight barefooting contest?” But then I heard that Dano the Mano was in charge and it all made sense, and sounded awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of wakeboarders more excited about a contest than this one that was thrown on Clear Lake last week. People were training for days so they would win. It was an invitational, and the likes of Scott Byerly, Anthony Monaco half of Erik Ruck’s friends from Wisconsin were on the list. A figure-eight contest is when you have two people barefoot behind a boat and whoever holds on the longest while the boat is doing figure 8’s is the winner and moves on to the next round. Normally you would see wakeboarders at a contest not really paying much attention to the riding, but in this case everytime someone went it was all eyes on the water for every inch of the riding. And then came the roar of applause for the hardest fall, not necessarily for the person who stayed on the longest. Feet on Fire really got me back to my inner skier, wanting to see people eating shit going a million miles an hour. Here’s some pictures of the days events, obviously Dano had t-shirts printed up and they were sweet. The winner? Shawn Watson. It may be his last title for the summer, because he hurt his knee wakeboarding over the weekend in Texas. Could be a career change coming soon …

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