April 16th, 2013 by alliance


Shane’s nostalgia knows no bounds. Photo: Cortese

“What would you grab from your house if it were on fire?”

1. My first pro model board – Liquid Force Mini Squirt 1997. This one was the first out of the press, I still remember Jimmy Redmon giving it to me. That seems like ages ago, I think I was 13 or 14.

2. Picture of me and Pamela Anderson from the Playboy Mansion – No one will ever believe I met Pam at the Playboy Mansion unless I have that photo to back it up.

3. Playboy – Any issue, doesn’t matter. A good playboy isn’t going to help out much, but it will take your mind off the fact your house just burned down.

4. The Camera we filmed Pointless with – It is a Sony VX something or other, I should probably know since I have it tattooed on me. This is a good reminder of the Pointless days as this camera was what started everything off for us. That camera went everywhere with me for at least three years.

5. Mustache wax – Good thing this was in my pocket as I ran out of my house… I’m going to need it to look good to find a girl whose house I can sleep at.

6. 1993 Boys 2 Slalom 3rd place trophy – 3rd place in slalom is great for a short person like me, and it was in the Boys 2 division, hot damn! All my other trophies are at Parks’ house in the trophy case, hopefully his hasn’t burned down yet.

7. 1962 Lincoln Continental – Of course I am going to save the Lincoln. That is if it starts and I can drive it out of the garage.

8. Leather jacket – I could sleep on the street if I needed to, it’s so comfy and it’s solid protection. Plus it goes hand-in-hand with the mustache wax in terms of looking good and hopefully not needing to sleep on the street

9. Beer – This is for immediate stress relief

10. iPhone – Always in my pocket, but this will only be helpful if you brought a charger… and I didn’t so I’m running back in, hold on!

11 Responses to “Fire Drill with Shane Bonifay”

  1. Jacob_p Says:

    Nobody cares about this guy anymore… get rid of him. Washed up. Drinking and driving is a great example for the kids.

  2. Justin Says:

    Well I still care about this guy. If I remember correctly, he’s done a lot for this sport. So get the FFFF outta here Jacob_p!

  3. Jacob_p Says:

    Done alot in the past… It’s time to hang it up, all I have seen from this dude lately is partying… He is no longer pushing the sport.

  4. Ricketts Says:

    He’s in his garage bro, plus he is pushing the sport with exposure. I’m sure you’ve done much more during your pro career.

  5. Haikuguy Says:

    In the garage
    drinking not beers in my car
    this is darkness

  6. NErider1 Says:

    shane is a boss and still one of my favorite riders if you dont have a sense of humor to understand the guy then, dont dis him. he still pushes the sport in my eyes and plus hes been riding for years and has push wakeboardin in so many ways. so i think he deserves to chill kick back and relax

  7. Anthony Says:

    Your a faggot jacob_p, Danger is a legend and will never be washed up

  8. Anthony Says:

    I didnt know doing a double back off a kicker was washed up?

  9. RP Says:

    jacob_p bite your tounge, hes a staple for wakeboarding past or present. so tired of all these haters on this site. if im correct i dont remember seeing any of you one this site

  10. RP Says:

    Christianmingle.com is the site for you jacob_p

  11. sara cox Says:

    My helms and my girlfriend


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