Josh, tell us about the first:


CD you bought:  The first CD I bought was probably a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD.


Time you drank a beer:  I’m only 18 haha.  What’s beer?


Houseboat trip:  I have been going on houseboat trips to Lake Shasta with my family for as long as I can remember.  We usually take a week long trip up there every year.  My first team houseboat trip was with the CWB team on Cumberland Lake.  It was pretty sick hanging out with Andrew, Trevor, Zane, Derek, Steve, Gabe and the rest of the guys.


Injury wakeboarding: My first injury from wakeboarding was when I was 11.  I broke my ankle doing a switch toeside 180.  I remember being so mad because I wasn’t doing anything cool when it happened, and I had to miss the final contest of the year.


Contest you won:  I won some local contests early on.  The first big contest that I won was at Wake Games when I was 15, in the Junior Men’s division.   Stopped by Waffle House with my trophy on the way back to our hotel, and the guys there gave me a free blueberry waffle. So sick!


Autograph you signed:  My first autograph signing was a couple years ago at a Reno stop for CWB. My autograph was so bad that I got weird looks from people.  It’s improved since then haha.


Invert you landed: The first invert I landed was a front roll after about 100 tries.  I was so stoked I didn’t slap my nuts for the 101st time.


Box of Free Stuff:  The first box of free stuff that I got was from CWB.  I got an Absolute board with some hinge tech bindings.


Time you met Randall Harris:  The first time I met Randall was last year at Canyon Lake.  He has been one of my favorite riders to watch and it was sick to meet him.


Kiss: Lindsey in Kindergarten


Time you got in a fight: I used to fight my brother all the time but other than that I have never been in a fight.


Photo in the magazine:  The first photo I got in a magazine was when I was 16. I was doing a method.


Car:  Still working on that one.  Mostly I drive the family F-250


Boat:  The first boat my family owned was a 1999 white and green cobalt 190 with a boss tower.