May 7th, 2013 by Josh Palma

At age 37, Shaun Murray still rides with as much amplitude and style as anyone in the sport.  The fun he has while freeriding is truly contagious; it also serves as a great reminder for why we all got on the water in the first place.       


Shaun Murray’s head tilt for head shots is second to none. Photo: Cortese

First board: Skurfer Rage

First invert: HS backroll

First sponsor: Hyperlite

First roommate in Orlando: Dean Lavelle and Lynn Teachworth

First tour win: Don’t remember, but my first finals was in Portland in 1995

First boat: Galaxy Tri Hull

First car: 67′ Bug

First CD: Arrested Development

First reaction upon learning you would have your own video game: Are you SERIOUS?!!! While trying to play it cool.

First song you learned on guitar: Sweet Home Alabama and Free Fallin’.

First trick you typically open with when freeriding: Depends on the day, but a toe 9 is a fun opener or a heel back 180


Murray’s method has been a good one for a long time. Photo courtesy Hyperlite


2 Responses to “Firsts: Shaun Murray”

  1. Steve Says:

    teach me your jedi ways shaun teach me

  2. some guy Says:

    Nice retreat from stirring up a bunch of shit around a few great guys like the Hope brothers by gracing your page with one of the greatest guys our sport knows….Shaun Murray


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