Board: Liquid Force Nemesis 131

Sponsor: IcyWakes surf shop. I remember walking into the shop for the first time with my book of photos asking them if they would sponsor me. I was their first team rider. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without them.

Invert: After a year of building up the courage, I finally went for a HS Backroll and landed it that morning. It’s still one of my favorite tricks to do.

Car: Lexus rx300 and she’s still truckin’

Memory of riding: I remember taking a lesson with Justin McClure when I was eleven and learning to jump wake to wake behind the original 210 super air. I fell in love!

Trip to Florida: My first trip to Florida was with my good friend Taylor Heithold when we were in 6th grade. I rode OWC the whole week of spring break until my arms fell off.

Boat: Sea Ray 185. My brother Ben and I used all my Dad’s landscaping bricks to weigh that poor little boat down so that the wake would be a little higher than our ankles. After that, my dad bought an aftermarket tower that we turned into a DIY project. We learned so much behind that boat, from the basics of control and edging to just having fun on the water.

CD: Blink 182 Enema of the State

Wake DVD: 12 honkies on VHS.  I would watch Parks Bonifay’s part over and over, such a sick video section.

Trick you open with when freeriding: Switch mute 180

Contest win: The first contest I won was at a North Carolina INT in the intermediate division. I ended up winning the divisions points chase that year and bumped up to the next division. I was beyond stoked on competing.

Magazine appearance: Alliance did a write up on my brother and I called “Brothers in Charm” back in 2008. We played hooky that day to take photos with Jason Hudson and Brad Holland.