November 13th, 2010 by jeffmckee

That’s right folks, it’s time for yet another edition of “Firsts” with Slingshot’s newest team member Mikey Ennen. So Mikey, tell us about your first:

Wakeboard: Skurfer Launch. My Grandpa picked up two from Wiley’s Board Shop that Tony Finn had dropped off as demo’s. We had 7 kids including my brother and I all fighting to catch a ride on them that summer

CD you ever bought: MC Hammer – It’s Hammertime baby.

Sponsor: Free Motion wakeboards. I rode the Escape which was Matt Staker’s pro model with the Hula chick on it. I broke like 18 of those boards. I seriously had one break straight in half one time so I had a board on each foot.

Piece of art you ever sold: It was a print called “Northwest Islands.” I think I sold it for about $100 bucks to a friend of my parents.

Invert: Toeside front roll behind a centurion ski boat with no pole, just the ski pylon.

Twin tip wakeboard: The Hyperlite BAFF – Bad Ass Flying Fish. I thought it was awesome. My brother had the flight 69 and always gave me shit for the BAFF because it was basically a wide version of a waterskii.

Time you got drunk: The first and last time I ever went to a INT contest, it was at Koppert lake. I lost to two girls in my division because I didn’t know you could get points for touching the water or waving to the crowd. I was super bummed so my brother and cousins gave me a beer to ease the pain.

Wakeboarding boat: My family bought a 95 Sport Nautique that belonged to Josh Smith, Greg Nelson and Billy McCaffray. Right when we got it we went through it and found some dragon shades under the seats along with a bag of other treats.

Time you went to jail: Haha! The night before my wedding…We rented a couple of houses on a small Island in the San Juans and made a little bit too much noise to the point that the small town cops asked us to leave. Sylus and I were walking past the property 15 minutes later to go stay at a friends place and noticed the backyard was a wreck with beer cans and other trash, so we figured the least we could do was clean it up. The cops came back as we put the last beer can in the trash and arrested us for trespassing at the very house we rented for the night. To say the least my bride was not pleased, but if Big Spence hadn’t have been so damn loud we would have never had the problem in the first place.

3 Responses to “Firsts With Mikey Ennen”

  1. Riley Says:

    That was a fun wedding though!

  2. adam silcio Says:

    lol @ bag of other treats

  3. Bordeaux Cottage Says:

    I own the house you TRASHED for your wedding. $900K house that you totally disrepected and sprayed beer all over the walls. Took thousands to clean and repair. Broken chairs thrown from porch. Cops were in there right to arrest. If you think you cleaned it up then I can show you the pictures of the mess including numerous beer cans thrown onto the roof and all over the property. You had no remorse and think you are the victum. What a PIG!!!!


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