Just a few days ago our local Native American, Gasatron Sunset Phoenix (aka AVE’s Russell Spencer), and his good buddy The Kipper (aka AVE’s Keith Kipp), had a glorious epiphany. With the water staying abnormally cold here in CA and the fact that Gasatron was about to lose his Natively-hood due to the lack of fish he has caught for his tribe, a day for the fish seemed only appropriate. Captain William Turner McCaffray was summoned and within just a few hours, a full day trip out at sea was organized. Scheduled departure: San Diego Bay, Thursday, 6 a.m.

Up around 4, the crew (which consisted of the west coast alliance team and about a dozen good friends) all met up and was pleasantly surprised by Intern Nicole’s massive batch of cookies and brownies. Check-in with H&M Landing was a breeze and by 6 we were off to Mexican waters; where true, honest, and happy fishing is born and cultivated.

The tone of the day was set first thing, when Gasatron, who was as giddy as a schoolboy, hooked the first fish during the casting demo at the bait dock. John, one of the deck hands, was just as excited as Gasatron and amazingly kept that same excitement with every fish caught throughout the day. Speaking of the deck hands, despite their freakishly looking absence of hygiene, both Bob and John and wheel-man Bud were quite the treat and ended up providing one beautiful day upon the seas. The first spot they took us to, Location A, was nothing less than a party. Fish were popping up like jumping beans and within an hour we had caught over 100 fish; well over our limit.

The rest of the day went had something to do with a few more locations B, C and D, over 100 more fish caught, a few accidental hooked sea-gulls, over 100 more… sodas consumed, star-child Sara Kuester winning the pot with a 25lb barracuda, and everyone returning to bay with bags of fish and smiles from ear to ear.

Thanks H&M! And a special thanks to Liz McCaffray for holding the office down while the rest of us were at sea.