June 7th, 2013 by alliance

This week’s Sidewayz history lesson comes courtesy of another all-time classic: 12 Honkeys. If you haven’t seen 12 Honkeys you will most likely be Googling where to buy it after watching this teaser. Let’s just say you give some of the world’s best riders at the time a storyboard, basic script, and a little bit of time and the result is the hilarious awesomeness of 12 Honkeys – wild riders, a hungry Sheriff, a misguided 80’s star, and a crazy chicken. But don’t let the storyline fool you, 12 Honkeys is chock full of progressive riding – including Parks Bonifay’s legendary section that still holds its own to some of today’s edits.

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  2. Nic Says:

    It seems most of the wakeboard edits, films, etc have lost that simple part about them of just having fun. Watching this, Boardumb, etc I feel like they just enjoyed riding and filming so much more back in the day and now its just strictly who can bust the wildest trick.

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