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The Backyard Rail Park had some ideas for a few quick setups that they could put together on their flat bar. Each setup was built and filmed in one day. They had a blast on each addition that they added and throughout the process had a bunch of ideas for the future as well. Enjoy!

Riders: Cody Walker, Austin Price, Clark Dudley, Matt Clendenin, Caleb “Murda” Fauntleroy, Luke Romero

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26 Responses to “Flatbar Concoctions”

  1. That dudes front teeth Says:

    @ 48s, jumpjumpjumpjumpjumpjump JUUUUMP!

  2. jon Says:

    very cool.

  3. Patrick Says:

    best vid on alliance

  4. Oh boy Says:

    not sure who it was but that was one of the worst falls I’ve ever seen

  5. Bob Says:

    I read on the Internet that he died. So sad. That’s why you should trick ski kids

  6. ok Says:

    wow complétement déguelasse , 50-50 and zeach …

  7. Joe Montalto Says:

    UNREAL more videos please

  8. Jojo Says:

    Good ideas, a shame that they haven’t discover presses and style yet

  9. HaterBlocker Says:

    Im assuming that riding behind a four wheeler isn’t quite as easy as riding on a Sesitec 2.0. Anyone can press at a cable park. Its cool that they are doing their own thing.

  10. Caleb Fauntleroy aka murda Says:

    Let em hate, everyone in this edit rips boat and cable, and at the end of the day we still get to build/shred whatever our little zeachy hearts desire

  11. dude Says:

    This new Shredtown Hype team is amazing! more please – this is quality original content!

  12. bro Says:

    Everytime these guys land “blind” or “wrapped” I was expecting one of those back edges haha you cant afterbang if youre barely landing a backside 180. See you guys on wakezeach!

  13. boomsmack Says:

    dang I thought he died at 48

  14. Webster Says:

    “Blind”, “wrapped”, “afterbang”, “wakezeach”…. It’s official that bro has been on the message boards too long. Stick to the keyboard bud, that setup and riding was sick. Keep it up fellas

  15. ?? Says:

    what is afterbang?

  16. Stuart Says:

    This website has the most negative group of commenters I’ve seen anywhere. If I didn’t love wakeboarding before the internet became a thing, I would hate it because of all these keyboard cowboys.

    Everything sucks according to everyone so no one should let anyone know that they are having fun and choosing to record it.

  17. Rich G Says:

    Preachin the gnar bro’s ! That was righteous, totally church . Like, so stoked, RADical .

  18. shred til dead Says:

    All the HATERS can kick rocks, that shit is for the birds. These kids kill it harder, have more fun, & slay more girls than you.

  19. Duuude Says:

    Yea these dudes are having a blast. They have more fun than most of you guys ever will. But to say this is on par with (for example) the last aaron Gunn vid shows the ignorance in our sport towards the tricks and legitimacy of people’s riding. If no one is willing to step out and tell your buddy to go try one more to land it clean, the most legit riders in the sport get grouped in with the guys that can’t even do a straight nose press.

    No these guys aren’t pro. I loved their setup and it’s frustrating to see such creative setups and sick hits get brought down by an extra 180 attempt landing at 90 barely sliding out. If one person would just say “hey man that was sick just clean it up a bit ” before they sent it to Alliance to be published in front of the wakeboarding community, these guys would be known as the mos legit riders and they’re behind a freaking four wheeler in a ditch!

    The industry still promotes riders who can’t compare to guys like this, because noone is willing to step up and say “hey that actually was a sucky hit and you shouldn’t be getting paid for it”. Put one of these guys on a ronix board and let them shred the ronix lake, they would kill most of the pros that get paid to ride everyday. But until someone is willing to stop paying adam errington to TRY to press down a flat rail and let these guys go represent the sport, that won’t change.

    I think these guys should be getting mag coverage and videos over a lot of the pros today. But they wont. Because we dont want to hurt people’s feelings by holding them up to a standard that they dont meet.

    Keep shredding guys, Love the creativity.

    *afterbang is like landing all cool cuz you just stuck a trick right? Who knows.

  20. Dude 2 Says:

    This is awesome! And behind a four wheeler? I didn’t see any sketchy landings in this video. Afterbang? Not to mention the description says they only hit each thing for day, which means they didn’t spend a month to get a good edit.

  21. fuk da hataz Says:

    who gives a fuuk if they don’t have style (Which they do) They have the style and steeze of Hank Jr. on a wkaboard. They havin some white trash fun makin it nasty on their own sketchy setups. So if you want to see perfect presses and style, go watch nico von lerchenfuck. If you want to see some southern boys gettin shit done, pookie and murda got what you want.


  22. fuk da hataz Says:

    and they can “afterbang” all they want just because they are that much more awesome than you and i dont even know what the hell that means.

  23. Bill Brasky Says:



  24. fuzzy jack Says:

    That little guy looks like Fred Savage’s best friend on The Wonder Years. He couldn’t water dance that good though.

  25. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Can’t we all just get along?!

  26. Holy shit! Says:

    When that dude hangs up on the tube tho!


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