Matt Staker called into the office yesterday to check if we got the tape to
edit for his new instructional segment on entitled, The
Staker School of Wake.  It is rumored that Staker is the best front-flipper
on the water and that he would teach anyone, anything, anytime.  Stakes, we
got the tape and lets just say, we know what you mean – landing a front
flip is hard. Fronts are so hard that Jeff Mckee was unable to successfully land one
on film.  Now I know what you are all thinking…I can land a front,
therefore I am better than a pro. Or, with this Staker School of Wake Video
I should be able to do a front no problem.  We at Alliance Visual
Experiences are calling for footage of your front flips – if we get enough
fronts we might make a video for you flippers to enjoy.  Send your DV

Attn: AVE flippers
2033 San Elijo Ave #230
Cardiff, Ca 92007