Looking for new team riders? Look no further! The Atlas Wake Series is providing a level of riding only Jr. Mens of the pro tour can rival. It has been a theme all year on the tour: the open division steals the show.

This stop, it was Icy Waves team rider Stephen Pierce once again reclaiming the top spot. His run could have placed in a pro division anywhere in the US with a stalefish roll to blind, crow mobe, toeside 7, backside 5, and switch toeside 7. Davis Prillaman and Gordon Harrison, who both rode amazing took second and third among 14 other incredible riders.

The pros showed up too, and Adam Fields also reclaimed his spot atop the podium. The sun had set on the event, but not on Adams ability to impress a hometown crowd. His first trick he cut hard and for the second time this year, broke his handle as he hit the wake. After a brief equipment change, Adam was back up and riding. The last run of the evening and just a silhouette to the crowd, he took 1st over a very good Alex Hamrick and Justin Sellers.

“This was the most wild wake event I have been to!” said Rob Mendieta. “There were so many boats, Red Bull DJSK, and Brad Holland was in full swing on the mic. I haven’t had this much fun anywhere.”

Smith Mountain Lake is one of the nicest lakes in the country. It provided a great weekend for the huge tie ups, houseboats, waterslides, beautiful women and great wakeboarding! This is an event to put on your calendar for next year.

The event hosted 100 riders, and over 1000 spectators on Smith Mountain Lake for the first ever all floating Atlas Wake Series event. Empire Wake and Wake n Skate Boardshop made quite a team for the largest event so far this year on the series.

The next Atlas Wake Series stop is Lake Norman, Charlotte NC September 19th and 20th. This is the third year the Empire Wake crew has hosted this ever growing event. It is one of the largest and most fun of all the stops.

For more info check out www.EmpireWake.com


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