There are many benefits to hanging out with my good friend Spencer Smith (a.k.a. Big Spence). He’ll make you laugh all day long and he’s always down for any adventure. He also has the ability to turn a two-hour car ride into a twenty-minute flight and all the while get sick photos that you can put on your Myspace or maybe even published in the mag.
A day in the life of Spencer Smith is on a whole different level of anyone else, but he really is just one of the bros when the day is over. I am lucky enough to have flown with Spence all over the western states and even go on short little trips such as this one to Lake Sonoma.

This trip all started when Chad Lowe, wakeboard instructor extraordinaire, came home for Turkey day. Home for Chad is the little town of Sebastopol in the North Bay. Being a native of the area, I was down to make the trip out from Sacramento to ride at a lake everyone in the area has as much passion for as they do disdain. Like many lakes in California, Lake Sonoma is a paradise in the winter and a dangerous place to be in the summer. Spence was also down for some action, so he was in. After an hour of topics in topology, I split school and met Spence at Sacramento Executive with two Togo’s sandwiches. Twenty minutes later and with an in-flight meal, and we were in Chad’s rig leaving the Charles M. Schultz airport and headed to the lake.

At Lake Sonoma we met up with Robert Sichel and Bobby Starkey, two other young natives of the North Bay. The boating and wakeboarding began while Spencer documented the whole thing. After a few runs we were back in Sacramento at the same time Chad was covering the boat back in Sebastopol. Just another day…