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A few weeks before the scheduled shoot date, Reed and I sat on his truck’s tailgate for a couple hours and brainstormed any possible shot idea, our ideas ranged from building a 15 x 20 wall ride that looked like a billboard to driving all the way to North Carolina for a ledge spot. In the end, we ended up going with what seemed to be the most bang for our buck; we would trailer a 12 x 8 kicker into a pond under 408 and I would tap one of the pillars. Sounds easy enough right??? Well, nothing is easy! – Bob Soven

Edited by:

Filmed by:
Ryan Marcus
Collin Harrington

Motion by:
Ryan Marcus

Cowboy Indian Bear
“Let It Down”
Live Old Die Young

Video from Fox Head

11 Responses to “Fox Wake Presents | Bob Soven We Live”

  1. Austin T. Says:

    Bob is the king! One of the sickest all around riders!

  2. bokdoos Says:

    Less fluff more action please. We just fast forward through the “art” anyway.

  3. Rich Says:

    Pretty sick. What was the outcome with the cops? Well sir, it seems you are endangering yourself and we can’t let you do that..

  4. Parker Bomar Says:

    Would love to know what that cop said.

  5. 420blazesquad Says:

    can we please have less bob and more people who know how to winch… oh and sick approved life vest.

  6. ProsVsJoes Says:

    Cop – “If you were hitting the concrete ledge like a man, I would have let it slide, but you HAD to bring that kook-launcher out here and douche it up. Here’s a ticket for being a douche.”

  7. Chase Says:

    Bob kills it. Love watching him ride

  8. VANISH Says:

    Why is Bob doing this !!! this is not his trade he hates doing that , not doing much boat comp anymore , winning cable event, hitting concrete , I wonder who he his trying to follow (imitate) any suggestions !!!!!

  9. NH Rider Says:

    Haters gonna hate. Bob gets paid to do this, none of us commenters do.

    420blazesquad- first off, sweet screen name. Second off to a stoner teenager like yourself it probably does make more sense to ride wearing a wet t-shirt rather than a vest to keep your unconsience body alfloat should you smash your (helmetless) head into the concrete. Nice logic, please don’t procreate.

  10. shredforces Says:

    NH rider straight blasted at your dome 420blazesquad. B.O.B. has skill, style, and steeze for daysssssss. to wakeboarding hell to whoever thinks otherwise.
    p.s. I geeked so mf’ing hard when I read “please don’t procreate”


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