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Vegas and wakeboarding are two words you would probably never use together in a sentence. Where most see an opportunity to party, Fox’s wake team saw an opening to put in some work. Doing things a little differently in “Sin City, ” Grant Roberts and Jimmy LaRiche hopped fences, set up winches, crashed pool parties and ran from security.

Video from Fox Head

9 Responses to “Fox Wake presents Vegas or Busted”

  1. ronixRyder Says:

    Jimmy Lariche is my favourite rider!

  2. Concerned Waker Says:

    Fox stickers need more adhesive!

  4. Alex Says:

    Jim Lariche!!!

  5. danny Says:

    Rollerblading is starting to look pretty cool about now!!!!

  6. photoedit Says:

    At least when Schmaltz did it it was gorilla style. I sometimes question the choice to publish certain things. I’m getting concerned with web content over the last year. My hope/belief is that all the good stuff is being sand bagged until its released in one of the many full length videos coming out this year. Otherwise, yeah, rollerblading is not looking so bad.

  7. dudes Says:

    Wait did Jimmy just…no…he didnt just Ollie and tap a pole. Someone pay this guy. Amazing work guys.

  8. ohh jeez Says:

    Far out that was so lame

  9. boomsmack Says:

    so why did they have to be in vegas?? they could just do that at home


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