Introducing the most simplistic tide watch in the universe, the Tide 3.0
clearly delivers you direction, time and accurate height of the next tide
for 75 preprogrammed beaches around the world for the next 15-years.

Chad Labass from Freestyle showed us how to program these babies in seconds.
For sure Collin Harrington will be using one for all his aquaman adventures.

Tide data for 75 beaches worldwide for the next 15 years.
Display of present/future tide data (date, time, hour)
Programmable Beach Capability with 3-hour offset
Dual Time Zones
Optional BIG time with shark fin animation
Preset Heat Timer: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 minutes
2 alarms
Stainless steel top plates
Durable dual injected polyurethane strap
NightVision Backlight Display
100 Meters H20


MSRP: $90.00