April 17th, 2012 by alliance

The news is out! Frends is giving away 3 sets of headphones! Since there will be 3 sets given away, your odds of winning are increased, so make sure to take advantage. Remember “There’s no “I” in FRENDS”. So enter today!

Also find more Frends products at www.wearefrends.com

And congratulations to Brandon Baber, Jess Mastrella, and Louis Sherman, for winning the BROstock giveaway.

Prize # 1 – Includes: Frends “The Clip” Le premium edition headphones in color white wood.


Prize # 2- Includes: Frends “The Light Wire” headphones in color black cyan.

Prize # 3- Includes: Frends “The Alli” Le premium edition headphones in color tortoise white.

6 Responses to “Frends Biweekly Giveaway!”

  1. Mary Smith Says:

    There may be no “I” in Frends…. but there should be-as in “friends.” There is not an I in TEAM, as in the team that should have proofed this post….
    The News is In…Work on your witty posts and I might Buy!

  2. REALLY Says:

    Wow Mary, please please don’t buy products from FRENDS. You are def not their target market nor are you apparently for this site. I recommend re re-reading the post.

    Alliance, please don’t let this person win. Please.

  3. Diogo Trigo Says:

    ~So, how do we win?

  4. ContestPRO Says:

    Enter your info in the boxes below the last photo.

  5. Collin Spradlin Says:

    Yeah, Mary. There’s nothing to “buy”, and the name of the company is not “Friends”.

    The news is out! Some people should shut up.

  6. Bienvenida Says:

    Those headphones are mad nice! My headphones went missing when I was at work. Thanks for the giveaway, awesome!! :D


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