In case you've missed the news over the past couple years, the (almost) all wakeskating video Fun Boots! is full of guys who like to have fun, led by filmers/editors/fun-lovers Keith Lant and Dave Hanson. So how do you properly have a video premiere for a video titled Fun Boots!? At a roller rink, of course.

So last night a handful of wakeskaters, media and Fun Boots! enthusiasts gathered at Semoran Skateway just outside of Orlando to strap on some Fun Boots with four wheels and boogy on the hardwood floors.

Of course, everybody was really there to check out the much anticipated video. All I can say after seeing it is that it did not disappoint. The featured riders are Travis Doran, Matt Hooker, Clint Tompkins, Nick Taylor, Stu Shinn, Ben Horan and Andrew Pastura. But Fun Boots! wouldn't have been Fun Boots! without a sweet intro that featured the likes of a dancing James Balzer and a skin-tight silver suit wearing Adam Errington doing raleys on his wakebard.

I won't give away everything that went down in the video, but I will tell you that it was insane. It blew my mind, actually. And I'm pretty sure it will blow everybody else's mind who sees it. Put it this way, afer the video was over, Stu Shinn said to me, "That was the gnarliest thing I've ever seen. Andrew Pastura is a god…"

So if you like wakeskating, or just want to see a lot of tricks that make you say, "How the hell did he do that?" then pick up a copy of Fun Boots! when you can.

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