Do you have any old skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, wetsuits, life-jackets, or what ever just laying around collecting dust. Well turn that old gear into new gear!
Friday (May 8th) thru Saturday (May 9th)  Dri-Port will be hosting its annual "Swap Weekend". All weekend long get great deals on slightly used equipment and/or sell off any of your old equipment that is no longer being used! This is a great way to give back and to start off the new season!

Features include:

Seller defined pricing
Educated staff to assist in selling
In-door show room  
Multi-day Pricing (1st & 2nd day prices)
Full amount paid back in gift cards!

Used gear to sell can be brought up to Dri-Port anytime from Monday May 4 till Saturday May 9th.

For more information call Randy @ Dri-Port 636-978-9999 or email him at; or check out the website at;