The July issue of Alliance is now out and ready for your visual consumption. We’ve got some goodies in this issue that will not only entertaining, but might shock you. Right off the bat July kicks you in the teeth with an insane cover photo of Harley Clifford riding his insanely hot pink limited edition Liquid Force board.  Props to none other than Chris Garrison for making the magic with his camera.


Harley doing what he does best… Photo: Garrison

Inside the magazine you’ll find all sorts of goodness. The articles start off with an awesome rendition of “20 Questions” – this time with Dylan Miller. Dylan’s passion for the sport and his ties to it will definitely surprise you. You might even be mad at first, but then you’ll probably just laugh a lot. And then laugh even more.


Dylan likes large wood pilings… we don’t know why.   Photo: J. Lee

Flip a few more pages of this issue (but take your time, it’s worth it! You don’t want to rush and miss anything!) and you’ll come to “Boiling Point”, the story of a road trip to Charleston taken by Jeff McKee, Josh Palma, and Collin Harrington. The guys had an epic time riding in the unique waterways around the historic city, as well as nearby Trophy Lakes cable park. They also met up with former Alliance editor Tony Smith, who hung out with everybody for the weekend and wrote the story. If nothing else, you will definitely enjoy Tony’s telling of one of the funniest stories in the history of wakeboarding, that happened to take place at Trophy Lakes about 15 years ago.

14.6_boiling point_640x360

Jeff McKee getting down under the bridge in Charleston    Photo: Cortese

After all that goodness you will also find a quick 10 Questions with wakesurfing phenom Keenan Flegel. Keenan rips waves behind a boat like it’s nobody’s business (but it’s his, and he owns it). Get a look inside his viewpoints of the sport and where he thinks it’s heading.