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Getting Tubular with Shredtown and special guest Dylan Miller

33 Responses to “Getting Tubular with Shredtown”

  1. Justin H. Says:

    That was some of their best work.

  2. Gilder Hatchett Says:


  3. hmm Says:

    Dylan Miller is the future

  4. Guenther Says:

    I would rather see this then someone throw back to back 9s and crow 5s

  5. Jeff Mathis Says:

    best intro shot ever.

  6. mm Says:

    to the concerned guy… they shred at their own private lake so there is no worrying about other boaters. Yes i agree most people should wear a wake vest and helmet when shredding rails but i wouldn’t tell them to. Kids will definitely like to shred some rails without a helmet and jacket but being a coach i wouldn’t let them. Its more the responsibility of the cable park
    i don’t think they are straight up promoting unsafe water practices.

    crazy video yet again! love the creativity!

  7. randy Says:

    Dope shit dylan, what come around is all around

  8. OTT Says:

    Theirrrrrrrrrr Back!!!! LOVED IT!!

  9. OTT Says:

    *They’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre (sorry)

  10. Riley Says:

    Elbow and knee pads… This isn’t rollerblading

  11. Concernedbutmorerelaxed Says:

    Also @ concerned person: yes, you are completely right, kids (or amateurs/beginners) should definitely wear every bit of protection available. But I don’t think the solution is having all the pro riders wear knee pads. Kids these days are smart, they know that wearing protection is crucial. Furthermore as the first responsee pointed out: coaches and other guides (people they look up to) will never let them ride without proper protection. The people you are defending, rightly so btw, props to you, are being well looked after in my opinion.

  12. chad Says:

    shredtown is everything wakeboard needs to be

  13. Breck Says:

    This is how wakeboarding should be done. I really want to thank shredtown for everything they are doing. Please, never stop guys.

  14. froggy Says:

    Hell yes. One big middle finger to Breddas.


  15. skate Says:

    solid driving

  16. Name (required) Says:

    Hahaha you guys are idiots… He’s obviously joking about pads and all that stuff, just trying to stir things up. Sick shreding none the less and super creative ideas!

  17. pat Says:


  18. pat Says:

    i’ve never ridden cable but you guys make that pull (up high and i’m only guessing but “human controlled”?) look SO FUCKING BOMB

  19. Nick Boville Says:

    So SICK!!!!! Dylan just locks on to everything he touches!!!! I can’t wait to see what happens to this sport as more and more private 2.0’s pop up! Creativity EXPLOSION!!!!!!

  20. Kyle Says:

    best rail vid I have ever seen. so nice to not see a video of nose pressy tail pushies just a bunch of good rail riding

  21. Texasboy!!! Says:

    Chris Abadie is a boss! Most creative lines, and clean/controlled execution.

    Chris…you know why you walk with a limp? Cause yo nuts is heavy!!!!!

  22. Texasboy!!! Says:

    P.S. love the Shredtown edits, but grabbing your board while on a rail is dumb. Stop that…keep everything else going!

  23. FlipDSK Says:

    So sick

  24. Sim Says:

    that was good.

  25. TheSpangler Says:

    That was awesome and that looks like it would be so fun to ride!

  26. Steee Low Says:

    Damn that shit looks fun.
    How much does a system2 cost?

  27. Jojo Says:

    Pretty amazed that these guys are absolutely awesome on their private 2.0 system, but have almost not the pro level riding when they ride cable in “this time around”. Awesome riding and creativity though, they’re pushing wakeboarding in the right direction for sure.

    Dylan Miller would be such a killer if he has the same stance as everyone, but just look like shit. What a shame, cause he is very clean and technical on rails.

  28. AB Says:

    ho notha level

  29. Jordan McCormick Says:

    @Stee Low if you are interested in System 2.0 pricing please shoot me an email jordan@ sesitecusa. com and I would be happy to send you a cost sheet.

    Sick edit, makes a 2.0 sales manager proud

  30. FlipDSK Says:

    My friends and I run a system 2.0 park in Canada and I never thought to slow the cable down and do stalls. We played around today on the top of the kicker, it was a little tricky to get the speed and timing right but super fun when everything got dialed. I want to put a barrel below the far tower to stall on instead of doing the corner. SHREDTOWN always with something creative.

  31. hmm Says:


  32. g west Says:

    pfds are for pussies

  33. Rick Says:

    dylans stance is dylans stance. dont facks wit it


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