Leave your mark on the world by helping deliver TRASHed, Tour Rider, Portal Potties, Fashion Peace, You’re the Bomb, TRASHed :: Recycling Center, Biodiesel RC Racing, Beat the Press, eSAT and Instrumental Assistance to your communities, your hometown and to the rest of the world. ?

Global Inheritance prides itself on having the highest level of integrity in our creative ventures to reach the public. While there may be easier ways to generate capital, we believe the cost to our message is too high. And so we turn to you, our friends, with a way for you to spoil yourself and assist Global Inheritance programs at the same time.

Purchase one of several cool items a the Global Inheritance Charity Auction eBay auction page. Global Inheritance is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and 100% of your money will go towards our Summer/Fall campaigns.

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There’s something for you, your loved ones and even your brother from another mother.

Autographed CDs, Hats, T-shirts, Boardshorts, Vinyl, Surfboards + more. Cool artwork. Cool concert tickets. Cool electronics. Cool everything.

Our first auction closes tomorrow night… so getting moving.
If you’re waiting on a check to clear… then we are launching a second auction on July 25, 2006.
Thank you to our partners and friends who donated to the auction.You’re the best people ever!!!!!!

If you want to be included in the “best people ever” group by contributing to our July 25 charity auction, please contact bpe@globalinheritance.org

A huge thank you to the following companies, groups and individuals ::
Arnette + 686 + DC Shoes + Danny Way + Logitech + Coldplay + Etnies + Rufus Wainwright + Ang Lee + Focus Features + Volcom + Heath Ledger + Michelle Williams + Zumiez + Halle Berry + Blink-182 + Hugh Jackman + Quiksilver + Metallica + Gang of Four + Levi’s + The Flaming Lips + Lou Reed + John Trepp + Voodoo Music Experience + Lost Surfboards + Jimmy Pargas + V2 Records + Erin Pargas + The Donnas + Josh Katz + Rilo Kiley + Josh Ritter + Globe + Green Day + Moby + Cam Le + Roger Waters + Coachella Music Festival + Kelly Slater + Marilyn Manson + Suzann Brantner + 20th Century Fox + ESPN X Games + Shepard Fairey + Paula Quijano + Landmark Theatres + Serene Chan + Doves + Paul Oakenfold + Bill Silva Presents + Midway + Atticus + Ben Brough + Netflix