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Cameron Bateman and Niels Willemars doing some laps with their GoPro, around former GoWake Cable Park, now known as Bli Bli Wake Park. Cameron and Niels are both operators at Bli Bli Wake Park. Cameron is 18 and from the Sunshine Coast, and Niels is 21 and from the Netherlands (Down Under Cable Park) but now living in the Sunshine Coast.

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16 Responses to “Global: Niels Willemars and Cameron Bateman”

  1. kyle Says:

    well that wasn’t the most repetitive video I’ve ever seen

  3. Jake Says:

    Do we really need to watch this? Put another edit of Raph and leave these zeachy boys to have fun elsewhere.

  4. Yasemin Says:

    Love it!

  5. kill me Says:

    this is worse than any zeach video I’ve ever seen. I hate where this sport is going, it needs to take a sharp turn very soon

  6. boomsmack Says:

    I thought that was cool but yeah a little repetive. maybe hit more than the same 3 rails every time

  7. Captain jack Says:

    Ok so how about yous pull the mainstream riders out of your ass holes and have a look at the new talent comming up! And by the way how about any of you put an edit up and lets critique you! Sick edit guys!

  8. Jacob Says:

    There are other riders in the world other then Raph. So what if there was a zeach or two? I dare yous to put up an edit of yourselves with no zeaches. And if your not riding like Raph then apparently your shit!

  9. Gladly Bro Says:

    Hey ‘kill me’ I have an idea how about instead the sport taking a sharp turn it goes the way it’s going cause that’s called progression, otherwise we’d all still be riding single direction boards with 2 inch fins just cutting laps and carrying soap to put our feet into our bindings

  10. Damn Says:

    Props for flexing the shit out of a watson

  11. E and B dizzel Says:

    Holy shit you cunts are the shittest riders i have ever seen, i counted over like 20 zeaches, there are so many more legit riders than you for example Jiah piddington and chad dumble these guys are 100% legit with every rail hit, if its any one you should learn from its these cunts ;)

  12. Jack Says:

    Rental vest, must have started this season…

  13. T Says:

    So funny to see people talk about zeaches…. Probably 2 years ago all you cunts didn’t even know what a zeach is so why don’t you all shut the fuck up and keep practicing your own riding

  14. Haters Says:

    Got hate in your heart let it out!

  15. Captain jack Says:


  16. wakeboarder Says:

    this vid was better than i was expecting after reading the comments. looked fun


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