August 22nd, 2014 by Submitted

Have you heard of Yun Sang Hyun from Korea?… Yeah, we haven’t either, but this kid has some serious boat and cable skills. It’s unknown athletes like Yun that keep us stoked on the progression of Wakeboarding. For more videos from around the world check out

5 Responses to “Global: Yun Sang Hyun”

  1. Actually Jeff Says:

    @:45 What in the actual fuck?!

  2. Spencer Says:

    What a ripper!

  3. Youngmin Go Says:

    so sickkkkkkkk!!!!!

  4. Alliance FTW Says:

    What do Alliance and Jimmy LaRiche have in common?

  5. Joey Bolten Says:

    They both got the letters A and E in their names


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