I just spent 16 days traveling the coast of California. Reed Hansen and I flew into San Diego airport on May 15th where Keith Kipp picked us up in a fully loaded Nissan Armada, which they let us use for the trip, and we went straight to his house in Carlsbad where we packed up the car with all of the essentials we would need for a two-week camping trip all the way up and down the coast. Once we were packed we drove 9 hours or so up to Half Moon Bay, which was the first stop of our trip. We also Picked up Ricky Ephrom on the way. There we met up with The Beaver, which is a 1981 RV that the Shawk family let Josh Sleigh use for this trip. Their crew consisted of Josh Sleigh, Charley Stevens, Josh Beran and Johnny, or “JL”, who films those guys. Mike Shwenne and Daniel Doud drove up as well to hang for a week. Those two are from North Cal. We also picked up Nick Taylor a few days into the trip. We started there and worked our way down the coast back down to Carlsbad. The basic idea for this trip was brought on by Josh Sleigh and his crew, the Mob group. Basically they are a few surfers that like to boost airs and enjoy trying a new approach at waves. They’ve been winching into waves for the past year. They got a hold of a Grinch Winch and have been winching ever since. They walk it out onto a jetty that has a good shore break next to it and whip into it. Now, instead of struggling to surf a waist high wave you can now boost an 8-foot air off it. They talked to Keith about it and he lined up some wakeskaters and wakeboarders to come join up with some pro surfers and try it out. Basically we put a bunch of different board riders together just to see what would happen and learn from everyone’s different approach to it. Here are a few pics that I took on the journey. Its all just scenic shots, Alliance will be doing a story on it so you’ll see the riding shots that Ephrom took then.