August 12th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

The CWB boys continue to spread the good vibes in North Carolina. They stopped by Jibtopia and Hexagon to let the locals try a few boards and get their shred on.

7 Responses to “Good Vibes Tour: North Carolina”

  1. bobby Says:

    I personally witnessed these guys shred jibtopia and it was sick. Gabes ollie onto and back side of the incline was crazy. In a thunderstorm no less!

  2. shredforces Says:

    so sick!

  3. spell checker Says:

    You mean “their shred on.”

  4. AB Says:

    Gotta love Wakeboarding in North Carolina!! I do! love this

  5. AB Says:

    btw that is a helluva ollie ^^^^ on the jam/incline feature. we talked about it when we was there ..DAMn GABE! so der ta (dirty)

  6. bro Says:

    sweet riding and park

  7. Tyler Guest Says:

    legit. Holley mad steeze! Gabe, Kaesen, and Sam Baker all killing it. CWB bringing good vibes as always! Rails rails rails


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