When you’re on your 18th pro-model, you tend to have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Sat down with Murray for a few minutes and had him walk us through some of the key features of his current shape. From what our gear guide test revealed, it’s a super fun, forgiving freeride shape that works for a host of riding levels. Check out what Murray had to say…


Photo: Palma

Speed: I designed this board to be fairly quick under me so that it keeps up on landings and isn’t hard work to keep it moving while carving.

Pop:  3 stage with no flat spot gives great snap at the wake while keeping the landings soft.

Landings: Slight spine right in the center of the board helps keeps landings soft and consistent by helping riders find equal pressure at impact…feels like the board always want to stay underneath you.

Tracking: I want my board to release easily when I want it to but have the ability to cut super hard and take things into the flats.  .08″ fins do the trick for me as well as the dual tunnel out of the tip and tail.

Graphic: Bright and bold.

Favorite feature/ride characteristic: The slight spine on the belly allows me to ride the board nearly dead flat in a side slide.  I use this feature to whip myself up next to the boat when I want to take a trick as big as possible.  I use the pendulum at its max potential with this.  Plus, I can get going crazy fast in the whip while the boat is turning around and get way ahead of the boat to where I have to wait a while for it to catch back up to me.

Ideal level of rider: I put first timers on my board and use it myself to do my hardest tricks. Really versatile shape that works for all riding levels.

Size: It comes in 134, 137 (which I ride), and 142.


Photo: Aaron Perkins