What we say: I remember learning about the Mayans in school. They made cool geometrical art and buildings to match. Oh yeah, and their calendar ends in 2012, which has led to much dooms day talk in the tabloids and on the internet. Well, if the world really is going to end in two years, we might as well look good doing it. As I already said, Mayan art is awesome, so having it on your shades is not too shabby!

What they say: Anarchy Eyewear is very proud to announce the launch of the new 2012 series, a 3-piece sunglass tribute to Mayan culture and the end of an age. The Anarchy 2012 series is emblazoned with traditional Mayan art and graphics on three of our top selling frames, Instrument, Dominate and the Syntax, in honor of a rich and highly advanced civilization.

Is the end near? Many speculate the end is as near as 2012 based on Mayan prophesy. Does it mean the world is going to end in 2012? Probably not, but it is sure fun to speculate and make movies about it. Who knows, this may have been a Mayan calling for a Cosmic Kegger to kick off the New Age. The Anarchy 2012 Series is a tribute to the Ancient Mayan culture. It may be the end of the Age of the Fifth Sun, but you’re still going to need sunglasses.

The Anarchy 2012 series is in stores now.

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