Ten years of the warmest suit in the water has inspired Body Glove to build the most technologically advanced suit ever dreamt about. The Vapor X introduces a revolutionary advancement in seam sealing with LIQUIDWELD inside and MICROBEAD outside. Keeping with the tradition of warmth, we’ve added a new THERMOPLUSH throughout, and the quick drying X-DRY through the torso. Carrying on the tradition of Warmer, Drier, Lighter, the Vapor X crams more technology into this suit than anyone thought possible.

Available in 5/4/3 hooded slant zip, as well as 4/3 and 3/2 in both chest and back zip, the all new Vapor X is still the lightest and warmest, and now adds quick dry to carry it into the future.

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Vapor X Technical Features

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All New X-DRY

An ultra-lightweight composite comprised of an “X” chain of hollow structured filaments, lifted plush woven provides increased thermal retention and overall wearing comfort.

Due to its unique hollowed structure, our “X” chain filaments are not only feather light, but also feature superior heat retentive properties, as a result of the cavity within the filaments themselves, and their inherit ability to substantially minimize the adverse effects of excess water absorption.

By confining the heat generated by the body and effectively storing it within the cavities of the filaments, our “X” dry rapidly accelerates the rate of evaporation cycles that occur within the suit and provides the wearer with a warmer, drier experience unlike any material on the market today.


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