By Chris Moore

Remember that board company that started putting ads out early last
year and then kinda disappeared?  Well either way, let me introduce
you to the Humanoid Oracle 140 FLEX.  This board was designed
basically to do anything you would like it to do…except break.
Therefore I am not going to attempt to use technological words to
layout the full schematics and concepts behind the materials and
shapes used.  Thats not what you are really looking to hear.  How does
it ride?, is the bigger question.

The board has pop.  For all of you out there who have attempted to
ride flex and just did not like it so much, don’t give up.  I have to
say this board can ride similar to your traditional stiff board if
that is the way you would prefer to ride it.  The center of the board
is a little stiffer then most flex boards I have ridden, which is not
a downfall at all.  It will make the transition to flex much easier
for you.

For all you flex enthusiasts please do not let that scare you.  Keep
in mind I said you CAN ride it like a traditional board.  If you
already have mastered the flex then keep riding this one just like
your Slingshot.  The actual stiff center is noticeable, but not enough
to keep you focused on it.  The flex in the tip and tail make up for
it all once you rock back on that first wheelie, its all good from

Let me address a few other aspects besides the flex you might have a
few questions about.  First the not so flat base.  Ya there is a
spine, and then there are 2 more.  Most people freak on the thought of
riding a spine on rails.  Been there done that and it is true, it is
no fun.  The Oracle’s spine does not stretch into the tip and tail.
So if you are pressin’ out then you won’t even notice it.  Now your
question is about boardsliding.  Go ahead and put that rail right
between you feet because there are similar “spins” on the toe and
heelside edge as deep as the center spin.  This allows the same
feeling as if the bottom was flat.

Also the sidewalls, they will be rounded.  In fact, you can shape them
how you want if you feel like doing some sanding.  Round them to avoid
all those screw heads that occasionally shred the bottom of your
board.  But then again those really won’t be that big of a problem.
Just sand out the scratch and your good as new.  The base lasts and
slides like the first hit on a new board, every hit.

This one has no fins but urethane fins will be available.  Humanoid
uses urethane so the fins do not restrict the flex, and they are much
harder to beat up on rails if you feel you need the fins to ride.  Do
what you do.

As for the spikes on the 4 corners, besides the fact that they look
cool, they definitely widen the tip and tail and allow for a tad bit
more area to press on.  At least thats what my explanation is.  You
can decide what you want to use them for with your own.

These boards can handle it all; boat, cable, and any winch gap you’ve
got ready.  Visit Humanoidwake.com for more information, that is also
where you will find full schematics on materials… and T-shirts.