May 10th, 2012 by pressrelease

New Limited Edition colorways… only 250 available in the US… get them while they last!!! Shane’s new board represents the ultimate in the evolution of our hybrid technology. Featuring our lightest core configuration, the most defined hull contours, and our Grind base strength, the Shane Hybrid is the perfect All Terrain Ride. With just the right amount of flex and durability, you’ll be pressing and sliding everything in sight. When behind the boat, the powerful drive of the crisp hull shape and its lively response will amaze you. Shane has been testing these concepts since their inception. Now this is all he rides! Grab one now for yourself and join the Team!


The Watson Hybrid truly can do it all… only 350 available in the US…Blast some double-up’s behind the BROstock towboat, then head to the Cable and hit rails the rest of the day. This board is one of a kind! It’s got the pop off the wake to go big, but also presses rails like nothing else. Don’t let Watson’s smooth approach and style fool you… this board has some pent up energy and is ready to charge anything that comes its way!

Get your Limited Edition Watson Boot bindings before they’re gone! Only 350 pairs available in the US. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the Watson LTD board, as well!


Be one of the lucky 250 people in the US that can claim a pair of Shane’s 2012 Limited Edition boot. For those looking to be different, the bright new colorway of Shane’s boot will not disappoint! While you’re at it, be sure to check out the new LTD colorways of his popular Hybrid board, as well!Find it all at

3 Responses to “Goods: Liquid Force – Shane & Watson LTD Boards and Boots”

  1. steveP Says:

    those look like chick boots!

  2. the other luke Says:

    first word that that comes to my mind when i saw the watson ltd: SEX

  3. Wes p Says:

    Honesty I like the Watson set up…


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