Mike Dowdy and CWB teamed up this year to build his first pro model. Read below and grab some insight into his new deck…it will be releasing later this fall!!

How was the process of shaping your first board?
The process was a lot of fun. I never realized what goes into making a board until I created my own. I worked with Doug Cannon from CWB to design my board and it was awesome. He was able to put our ideas into action in minutes and we nailed the final shape…so pumped with how it came out!!

What will the board be called?
The board will be called the Dowdy.

What features were you looking for as you developed your new deck?
I wanted something a bit slower because that’s what I liked about the Pure. I also wanted it to be really snappy with good pop and traction.

What size do you ride? What other sizes will be available?
I ride the 136 and I believe the board will be available in a 136 and 140.

What’s up with the graphic?
The graphic was inspired by Detroit, Michigan, which is really close to where I grew up. I basically didn’t want a board with random lines and stripes all over it…I wanted it to have some significance for me. Detroit is known as the “Motor City” so the graphic has some cars, buildings, and other things of that nature on it.

Does it ride similar to the CWB Pure that you were previously riding?
It has some similar characteristics (such as the center spine) but is also different in many ways.

What’s your favorite riding characteristic of the new shape?
I think my favorite feature is the carbon fiber in the bottom of the board. It makes it stiffer which gives it some extra snap off the wake.

Is it a shape that works well for riders of all levels or is it more geared towards advanced riders? I think it will be a great board for riders of all skill levels. The board has deep channels as well as an available center fin to help beginner/intermediate riders lock into their first edges and get the basics of riding down. For more advanced riders, it has a center spine running from tip to tail to soften landings. I’m super excited and can’t wait for it to be released this fall!!


Photo Courtesy: Meddock


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