July 10th, 2012 by Patrick Wieland

Ride along with Dean Smith for a cheeky little session behind his Axis A22. Man does he go big! Shot with GoPro HD 2

10 Responses to “GoPro Session: Dean Smith”

  1. Chris Flaxman Says:

    Dean just killing it. Yewww

  2. Steve Says:

    SO HUGE!

  3. Bret Nowell Says:

    Such a dirty edit

  4. Jason Says:

    Dean is a bad ass….

  5. Austin Todd Says:

    Just Crushing it !! one of the best in the game !!

  6. The Spangler Says:

    Stalefish late back 3 = winning!

  7. Danny T Says:

    nice work boys ! Dean goes bigger than anyone this year

  8. Fish Says:

    sick edit & riding!

    was that Daniel Walden’s toe off 3 i saw in there?

  9. Lakeside Watersports CT Says:

    So Sick! Making it look easy.

  10. Alija Bos Says:

    Sick filming & edit


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