August 23rd, 2012 by alliance

Jeff Langley isn’t camera shy nor is he scared to let us put a GoPro inches from his face, while spinning through the air. This is about as close as you can possibly get to riding along with Langley.

10 Responses to “GoPro Sessions: Jeff Langley”

  1. FlowPoint Says:

    Langely is blowin’ it up these days!

  2. spencer norris Says:

    the bruce seems to be poppin good

  3. Devon Says:

    So RAD

  4. adam Says:

    whats the song?

  5. Eytan Says:

    Hell ya Jeff! that was so sick!

  6. dude Says:

    that last 7 was dope! thats a grab

  7. Roco Says:


  8. Sampson! Says:

    ‘ole Chefferson’s cookin up somethin nice!

  9. dAN F Says:

    Yeah langs killin it on that g unit

  10. Peter Says:

    Jeff, amazing! Thank you for this. Loved the handle pass on the grab toe back 5 lol, just wristing it. 1:01


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