April 15th, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

Introducing Gordon Harrison to the scene.

25 Responses to “Gordon”

  1. Brett Says:

    Killin’ it Gordon! Proper nose 7.

  2. north cakilaki represent Says:

    BOOM! BLAOW! biiiiiiiing!
    killt it dawg

  3. Sam Baker Says:

    Well.. I’m scared my GF might leave me after seeing this.. Mad props dawg. You deserve everything you have ahead of ya

  4. michael sutherland Says:

    freestyle homie!! yeaaa you are killing it! i agree with sam

  5. SaFtEeFiRsT Says:

    Super sick riding-great style.
    Hmmm’s a douche.
    Wear a vest on that monster G wake though…come’on man

  6. Jamie Graff Says:

    Nice riding. Put a vest on though. It’s not the 90’s, that’s not cool anymore.

  7. Steve Says:

    mad legit style homie. such a unique tale tantrum blind

  8. CATS Says:

    That. Well, that was sick.

  9. RAW Says:

    Lets stop the life jacket convo, everyone has their opinion. Take a second to realize this kid is going huge, doing huge tricks, and doing his thing the way he wants to do it. Keep it raw Gordon. Much respect for not wearing protection. I bet he raw dogs it in bed too. Boss

  10. Ian Smith Says:

    yea G! stoked on your riding man, its like watson, steel, and mike all mixed in with a little bit of your own steeze! lookin good

  11. abcdefg Says:

    make sure you wear a helmet if you skateboard too… and get knee pads and elbow pads…


  12. Pete Says:

    So SICK!!! god damnit that was tight. nice to see a normal sized human being can shred too. We dont all have to be leprechauns… cough cough bob….. cough cough… mike… cough cough… oli…

  13. joey buss Says:

    Yeah gordon!!! killing it buddy!!

  14. Kyle Says:

    great riding, tech and powerful. a lot of the kids are getting so robotic nowadays. This was a breath of fresh air

  15. pete Says:

    great vid !

  16. rick Says:


  17. Bam Says:

    @rick, the song is by Phantogram- when i’m small.

  18. Mike Says:

    @rick, the song is Omar Linx – Cowboy..

  19. Two Eyes Says:

    He looks like a nice guy

  20. Rob Mills Says:

    Knowing Gordon as we do, I don’t think you could a nicer guy.

  21. Andrew Fortenberry Says:

    told you they would love it gordon! you have an awesome style and a bright future :)

  22. Rob Mills Says:

    Made a typo “find” a nicer guy. Awesome rider and stand up guy with incredible style. We think he is going huge!!!

  23. Rock Says:

    All those tricks were world class, but I need to say that tweaked out off axis stale 5 was my favorite.

  24. Rock Says:

    Pete, I have heard of ” little man syndrome “, but big man syndrome? Common man, to de-credit, Bob, Mike, and Oli for their size that they were born with? Do you know something I don’t know? Can you choose your size before your born? Please fill me in so in my next life I can put in my order.

  25. Felix Says:

    WTF!!!! Waht an incredible style. If I could ride like this for one day I would do it naked!!! And that Melon Backroll Revert is one of the most stylish tricks i ever saw… Keep it up, Gordon! We wanna see more…


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